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Debriefing as Formative Assessment: Closing Performance Gaps in Medical Education

Promoting Excellence and Reflective Learning in Simulation (PEARLS): Development and Rationale for a Blended Approach to Health Care Simulation Debriefing

There’s No Such Thing as “Nonjudgemental” Debriefing: A Theory and Method for Debriefing with Good Judgment

When Things Do Not Go as Expected: Scenario Life Savers

7 Simulation Pearls


Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics

Healthcare Simulation Dictionary

Well-worded Objectives for Continuing Medical Education Activities

Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH)

PEARLS Debriefing Tool – Debrief2Learn

PEARLS Debriefing Tool – Small Poster Version

Preceptor Attestation of Independent Practice


Simulation Professional Societies

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