Rosemarie Fernandez

Rosemarie Fernandez, MD

Phone: (352) 294-8170

Rosemarie Fernandez, MD is an Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida. Dr. Fernandez has expertise in both simulation-based research and team performance research.  She has focused much of her work on using simulation to understand and improve resuscitation processes for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital emergencies.  Dr. Fernandez has been a Principal Investigator on simulation-based grants funded by the Blue Cross Blue of Michigan Foundation, the State of Washington, and the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation. Her current work is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Department of Defense and focuses on developing leadership skills to improve trauma resuscitations. She applies human factors engineering approaches to help understand how interdisciplinary teams and multi-team systems can effectively care for critically ill patients.

Dr. Fernandez has held several national leadership positions in simulation and is currently an Associate Editor for Simulation in Healthcare, the leading simulation journal for healthcare practitioners.

  • Publications (2013 to present)
    • Grand JA, Pearce M, Rench TA, Chao GT, Fernandez R, Kozlowski SWJ. Going DEEP: Guidelines for building simulation-based team assessments. BMJ Qual Saf. 2013;  22(5): 436-448. [thematic review]
    • Fernandez R, Pearce M, Grand JA, et al. Evaluation of a computer-based educational intervention to improve medical teamwork and performance during simulated patient resuscitations. Care Med. 2013; 41(11): 2551-2562. [original research]
    • Compton S, Fernandez R. Presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation is beneficial to family members in the out-of-hospital setting. Evid Based Med. 2014 Feb; 19(1): 13. [editorial]
    • Fialkow M, Adams CA, *Carranza, L, Golden SJ, Benedetti TJ, Fernandez R. An in situ standardized patient-based simulation to train postpartum hemorrhage and team skills on a labor & delivery unit. Simul Healthc. 2014; 9(1): 65-71. [curriculum development]
    • *Sherman M, Leland F, Ross B, Fernandez R. Simopoly: Improving simulation center operations through a tabletop simulation exercise.  Simul Healthc. 2014; 9(5). [curriculum development]
    • *Rosenman E, *Shandro JR, Ilgen, JS, Harper, AL, Fernandez, R.  Leadership training in healthcare action teams: A systematic review. Acad Med. 2014; 89(9):1295-1306. [systematic review]
    • Shah S, Adedipe A, Sajed D, Rood K, Backlund B, Fernandez R. Effect of educational intervention on ED physician ability to perform a rapid, bedside ultrasound assessment in late pregnancy. West J Emer Med. 2014; 15(6). [original research]
    • *Rosenman E, Ilgen, JS, *Shandro JR, Harper, AL, Fernandez, R.  A systematic review of tools used to assess team leadership in health care action teams. Acad Med. 2015; 90(10):1408-1422. [systematic review]
    • *Rosenman ED, *Branzetti JB, Fernandez R. Assessing team leadership in emergency medicine: The milestones and beyond. J Grad Med Educ, 2016;8(3):332-40.
  • Grants
    • 2018 – 2019    STAT-Team: Leadership and Team Adaptation in Swift-starting Teams
                University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute
                PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
                Funded: $25,000
    • 2018 – 2020    Translating Military Simulation-based Trauma Team Research into Outcomes: LEADing Effective Resuscitations (LEADER)
                Department of Defense
                PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
                Funded: $1,800,000
    • 2015 – present   Development of an Integrated Team Training Design and Assessment Architecture to Support Adaptability in Healthcare Teams
                Department of Defense
                PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
                Funded: $1,149,975
      • Past (Funded)
        • 2014 – 2018   Translating Simulation-based Team Leadership Training Into Patient-level Outcomes
                     Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
                     PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
                     Funded $749,950
        • 2017 – 2018     Creating and Validating a Team Leadership Assessment Tool for Emergency Medicine
                    Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
                    PI: Elizabeth Rosenman, MD* (Role = Co-I, mentor)
                    Funded: $9,996
        • 2016 – 2018     Preventing Violence Against Emergency Department Healthcare Workers: A Prospective Needs Assessment to Inform Effective Intervention           Washington State Department of Labor and Industry
                    Co-PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD (M. Vrablik*, Co-PI, mentor)
                    Funded: $200,000
        • 2016 – 2017 AEM Consensus Conference on Catalyzing System Change Through Healthcare Simulation: Systems, Competency, and Outcomes
                     National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
                     PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
                     Funded: $10,000
        • 2016 – 2017 AEM Consensus Conference on Catalyzing System Change Through Healthcare Simulation: Systems, Competency, and Outcomes
                     Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Conference Grant Program
                     PI: Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
                     Funded: $35,000


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