Anaclerio Center
Dr. Angelo and Alberta Anaclerio Learning and Assessment Center

The Dr. Angelo and Alberta Anaclerio Learning and Assessment Center (ALAC) staff is dedicated to creating an educational environment conducive to the teaching and evaluation of clinical skills.

About the Center

The Anaclerios

Dr. Angelo Anaclerio and his wife Alberta have led lives defined by service and care for others. Dr. Anaclerio is a member of the Class of 1962, only the third class of graduates from the UF College of Medicine. From the moment he earned his medical degree, he began a career marked by innovation, excellence, and philanthropy.

After finishing his residency in Washington, D.C, Dr. Anaclerio responded to a call from the Americal Medical Association looking for an Ophthalmologist for the small community of Danville, IL, which had no such practitioners at that time. Dr. Anaclerio found the Danville Eye Clinic and promptly began caring for the resident of that community with services ranging from simple eye examinations to complex cataract surgery. Alberta Anaclerio served as his surgical nurse for more than 30 years. The practice flourished through a fundamental commitment to collaborative and exceptional patient care.

From his early endorsement of advanced techniques in cataract surgery to his pioneering use of lasers to reduce the invasiveness of eye procedures and speed patient recovery time, Dr. Anaclerio always focused on the best possible outcome for those under his care. His patient-centered approach, coupled with his strategic business processes and his early integration of optometrists in the patient care team are strong testimony to the educational traditions of the UF College of Medicine – innovative, collaborative, humanistic care.

The Anaclerios have been exceptionally generous supporters of the UF College of Medicine and other institutions. They made a substantial gift to the UF Department of Ophthalmology in 2006, and in recognition of the impact that employment has on college students, also created a significant scholarship endowment at the Danville Area Community College. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Anaclerio’s graduation from the UF College of Medicine, the couple made a transformative gift to establish the Dr. Angelo and Alberta Anaclerio Learning and Assessment Center in the George T. Harrell, M.D. Medical Education Building. They chose to name the Center in recognition of the importance of physician-patient communication and the need to incorporate this kind of training into a modern medical education curriculum. The Anaclerios made an additional, equally generous gift to name the Conference Room on the first floor in recognition of the exceptional leadership of Dr. Michael Good, Dean of the College of Medicine.

The UF College of Medicine is deeply grateful to the Anaclerios for the significant positive impact their philanthropy has had upon medical education at the University of Florida.